About Us



There are tons of awesome clothing brands and companies out there. We love and support a lot of them too! So why choose WildBear Life?


WildBear is a community of people who are about living life, not just being alive. We believe family is not only determined by the blood inside, but who we bleed with. The bonds of truly living life. We train hard. We are adventure seekers. We are stronger together. We escape average.


We make quality, versatile clothing for the weight room or the wild.

We do it by partnering with other US-based small businesses and have our gear printed by a veteran-owned business. 


  • To get high-quality apparel into the hands of every person who refuses to accept average in any aspect of life
  • To inspire you as much as you inspire us.
  • To give back to organizations focused on bringing families together (each purchase supports the C4 Foundation for SEAL families).
  • To live by values every day that will make a positive impact on others.


When your gear is packaged and shipped, we set out to focus on essentials. Use of poly bags, packing materials and other items is reduced as much as possible to decrease waste and lower costs to you. We may not provide you the most viral-worthy unboxing experience, but we're ok with that. We believe in simplicity, utility and purpose in both our gear, and what comes along in your shipment. If there's anything we can do better, don't hesitate to let us know.