Train With Purpose. Part I.

"Why do you train?" The question was asked with a sense of curiosity from an acquaintance.

"Because it's fun," I said frankly.

The endorphins, positive self-image, energy, the physical and mental boosts you get from hard exercise makes you feel good. And feeling good is fun. We train to get stronger, to feel better and to live a more fulfilling life.

But it wasn't always fun. It isn't always fun. After college sports I was no longer a competitive athlete. I fell off the path. I went through periods of consistent training and consistent laziness, vacillating between the two for years.

Then came the purpose. The why. The commitment. The realization that I am a part of nature, and in nature there is no stagnation. There is either growth or death.

So in every aspect of life, I have a choice to win the day or waste the day. To live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life; to be there for my family, to lead by example, I need to train hard.

I also came to realize that continually pushing my limits physically is actually a mental test as well, and my mental game was where I was weakest.

I reflected on my response about it being fun for a moment, then corrected myself.

"To be better." I said, then walked away.


To be continued...


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