Set Goals. Achieve Them. Easy as 1-3-6

No fluff needed. You know what goal setting is. You know it's hard for most people. And you also know most people don't stick to their goal plans…because most goals are not written well. Here's a simple, tactical and pragmatic system to establish targeted and meaningful goals that will actually produce results. It's what I call the 1-3-6 Method, and here you go:

Establish 1 Mission

Develop a primary mission statement. It should be simple, memorable and action-driven. You need to be able to state it clearly without hesitation. Nothing fancy, don't need jargon-y words. Just simple, clear personal mission or objective. I won't give you an example, because it is unique to you. And it's all on you.

Determine 3 Pillars

What are the three pillars of your life that you must focus on to accomplish that mission or objective? For example, if your mission is related to health, the pillars may include fitness, nutrition, sleep, meditation, etc. If your mission is related to professional growth, your pillars may include education, experience, network, skill development, etc. These are the buckets that actions (more on that next) fall into.

Develop 6 Actions

Get down to work. Establish 6 actions or habits that are both practical and challenging for you. You should have two actions in each pillar (bucket). Daily things that are pragmatic and actionable, but are difference makers. These should also be measurable and observable. You know whether you achieved them or not.

Do this for 90 days. 120 days. 150 days. 900 days. Whatever it takes. Be consistent and persistent. How long it takes to achieve your goals is not nearly as important as how long you can consistently maintain these habits.

If you think it's too easy, make it harder. If it's too hard, adjust but don't make it easy. And don't quit.

Finally, don't neglect other actions and pillars that fall outside of this list - life isn't that simple and you cannot become so laser-focused that every other aspect of life falls by the wayside. But if you have a mission, you need to focus and learn to balance.

Never Summit NeverSummit

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