Passion Equals Pain.

I just started a great book from Dale Partridge called Launch Your Dream. (Partridge also wrote People Over Profit, another great read.) Chapter one starts with a lesson on passion.

The word passion comes from the Latin passio, which means suffering or enduring.

(I didn't recall this from my high school Latin class. To be honest, I don't remember much from my high school Latin class, except my classroom name - Julius Maximus. Because teenagers…)

What this means is that to be passionate about something you must be willing to suffer the pain or endure the struggle associated with the pursuit of that passion. Or else it is not really a passion.

How much struggle and pain are you willing to endure? How often do you want results with something but when it gets hard you give up? Then have to live with that regret?

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If you truly want results you must be willing to seek pain, endure struggle and persist over the inevitable setbacks. There are no shortage of books, articles, memes and posts created to inspire and motivate you on this topic. But it comes down to action, discipline and consistency. If you embrace the struggle you can reap the results. If you pursue the passion, you know there will be pain.

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