Overnight Success.

You've probably heard of this before. I don't remember where I heard it first but the comparison to life - and the challenge of growth in any aspect - is undeniably accurate.

The Chinese bamboo plant can grow 80 feet in just six weeks. In that sense it is a powerful plant that can experience exponential growth in a short time. Or so it seems...because that is what we see above the surface.

The truth is the bamboo plant is not experiencing that growth in six weeks. In reality it takes five years for the plant to establish its foundation and roots underground before even breaking the surface. The work that goes into that preparation with no glory and no recognition is what makes the quick growth possible when it finally breaks out of the ground.

The "overnight success" that so many people think is not realistic. And when you don't see the results as quickly as you think you should, or perceive others to have achieved, you get frustrated and give up. Don't. 

We have worked on our foundation, refined, restarted, fallen, gotten back up and are about to break the surface. We will make mistakes but we will grow from them. Through discipline and resilience we will build ourselves and each other.

We will never summit. We will persist. We will impact. Will you?

Never Summit NeverSummit

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