The Word of the Year.

At the beginning of this year, one of my mentors (he doesn't know he's a mentor of mine...) asked his followers what their word of the year is.

Without hesitation I answered mine is BUILD.

Building anything requires first clearing out the crap, then digging deep for a solid foundation. You then build the framework and all the inner workings that most people never see. Only after all that is completed can you apply the finishing touches that people see...and there will still be ongoing projects for a long time.

That's what I wanted this year to be. And maybe next year and next decade too.

Build my marriage.
Build faith and intention.
Build my fitness.
Build our businesses
Build confidence and values in our children.
Build up others.
Build grit and fortitude.
Build focus.
Build habits.
Build value.
Build a legacy.
Build a life.

Never thought we'd do this again, but build another house (yikes.)

Plan, clear out the shit, build a foundation, establish the framework, do the labor, put in the inner workings, apply the 'finishes' then execute constant improvements and projects.

The point is, I set the intention that this is my word of the year. I put it out there. Then we put in the work every damn day to earn it.

Ask, declare and work, and the universe provides.

What is YOUR word?

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