Beat Your Yesterday.

What did you accomplish yesterday? What did you do well? What did you struggle with? Which items did you check off your to-do list? Which ones are still there?

Think about all the pillars of your life that are the most important to you - family, fitness, work, friends, hobbies, faith. What else? If you rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10 for all of those pillars, what score would you give yourself?

Your objective today is to beat that score. To beat your yesterday. Strive to be even just a little bit better. More focused. More present. More intentional.

Train harder. Work harder. Relax more. Read more. Breathe. Forgive. Love.

Think back to your last big work project. Your last workout. Your last conversation with your spouse or children or parents. What can you do to be just a little bit better?

Good. Now go do it.

The #NeverSummit and #BeatYourYesterday mindsets are about continuous improvement. It is about finding balance between being happy and grateful but never satisfied. Stay tuned for the next post to learn a simple system to help you apply this in your life.

Never Summit NeverSummit

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