A Realization. A Confession. And a Social Media Detox.

I was out of balance. I talk about #familyfirst but I wasn't living it. I know that everything must be earned, but I wasn't earning my mental & physical health and happiness on the home-front. We all reach points where a shift in habits and routines is needed to re-prioritize. So the time was perfect this year during Christmas week for me to fully detox from social media and focus on what is most important.

As a new business this was extremely hard. Momentum is real and consistency is key. This decision could very well negatively impact our young company and set us back. But it was necessary.

And in a fateful twist, on Christmas Eve my phone broke. A blessing in disguise that removed any temptation and habitual distraction from that 6-inch mobile dichotomy. An expensive obstacle but worth it.

Now we are back. Back on the grind. Back to work.

A family business with big dreams and an understanding that nothing is given and everything is earned.

As we close out 2020 it is clear to us all that connections with others are vital to our mental and physical health. Take it from me - stay connected for real. Not just through a screen.


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