...Where Life Begins.

July 2019. As Taryn and I hiked and explored the trails, rocks and waterfalls of Cascade Canyon (Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming) we passed a family on their way up the mountain, loaded out for what was clearly an extended journey into the snow-capped landscape. Father, mother and two young adult children. Curious, Taryn asked them where they were heading and how long they’d be out. As the short conversation ended Taryn said to the mother, “I don’t know how you do it.”

The mother smiled. “I never thought I'd do this, let alone want to do this. I used to be terrified to simply sleep in a tent in the backyard. Just start small and keep going.”

In our fam we have vastly different definitions of adventure. While I casually jump out of airplanes and am planning a solo multi-day backpacking trip, Taryn stays busy making a list of all the essentials she’ll need to endure a single night camping 30 feet away from the back door. We have different ideas of adventure. We have different goals.

But the point is to find your wild.

Your journey is yours. Just find your wild and continuously stretch yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. That’s where life begins.

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